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Sprinkles & Spice

Over the past 12 years, I have been on a filmmaking journey that seeks to explore diverse cultural landscapes, bring lesser-known stories to the forefront, and engage with themes that are ideologically relevant. My work has been an attempt to bridge gaps in understanding and create spaces for conversations. My first film, "The Impure Redemption," was a pioneering effort in Malwi, a prominent yet often overlooked dialect spoken in the Malwa region. The film not only garnered international attention at film festivals like Berlinale, Nashik, and Dharamsala but also showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region.

In my oral history project with the Centre for Community Knowledge at Ambedkar University Delhi, I documented the life of Nizam Beg Changezi, capturing the essence of Old Delhi's havelis and the importance of preserving our past. Through this film, I aimed to emphasize the significance of memory and the stories that shape our collective identity.

Another film I directed, in collaboration with the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, focused on Gandhi's ideals of cleanliness, reflecting the relevance of these principles in modern India. This work was recognized with an Award for Excellence, further highlighting the importance of connecting our present to the teachings of the past.

My ethnographic documentary in Gujarat's Sasan Gir Forest aimed to showcase the deep-rooted environmental connections of the Sidhi and Maldhari communities, emphasizing the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

As I ventured into New York City, I explored the interactions between artists and public spaces in Washington Park, examining the role of art in our everyday lives. Most recently, my film "Moving Tracts" shed light on the intricate relationship between food and memory among South Asian migrants, offering an insight into the complexities of migration and identity.

Throughout this journey, my focus has been on bringing forth narratives that hold ideological relevance and resonate with diverse audiences. My films are an exploration of the human experience, and I hope they continue to inspire and encourage dialogue on important issues.

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