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As a visual media artist, I have always been drawn to the stories of migrants and their experiences, aiming to capture and convey these poignant narratives through various mediums. Over the years, I have been fortunate to showcase my work in esteemed venues such as The New School in New York, Coffman Arts Gallery, and Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. My exhibitions delve into the intricate layers of identity, belongingness, and the idea of home as seen through the eyes of migrants.

My first exhibition, held at The New School in New York, explored how migrants interact with the public spaces of NYC. Through the powerful medium of photography, I sought to capture the unique ways in which migrants navigate and engage with the city, blending into its fabric while retaining their distinct cultural identities. This work resonated with many and was subsequently exhibited at multiple locations.

In another exhibition, I delved into the material memory of migrants by tracing the history of objects that they carry with them on their journeys. Presented in a mixed media format, this project aimed to explore the complex notions of identity and belongingness that are intrinsically tied to these treasured possessions. The exhibition served as a window into the emotional and psychological connections migrants form with the physical artifacts of their past.

My exhibition, "Moving Tracts," employed a mixed media approach to showcase migrant memory through the lens of food cultures. Combining photography, video narratives, and installation art, I divided this exhibition into five sections, each corresponding to one of the sensory experiences evoked by food. This exploration of taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound allowed me to highlight the emotional significance of food and its role in preserving memories, traditions, and cultural identities.

Through my work, I hope to create a space for understanding, empathy, and reflection on the multifaceted experiences of migrants. By utilizing different visual media forms and engaging the senses, I strive to convey the depth of emotions, memories, and stories that are often left untold. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to share these narratives, and I look forward to continuing this artistic journey in the future.

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